-- P4A - PHP For Applications. --

-- Installation --

Just extract the archive under your web server
DOCUMENT_ROOT (eg: /var/www).

You should rename the directory
"p4a-version" to "p4a".

If you want to test drive a sample application built on P4A
open your browser and type:


products_catalogue is an example of a virtual catalogue
for shops. To have this application runnning take a look at


If you want to have p4a installed out of your document root, this will help
you. We use the debian standard way, extract the framework and put it in


edit your Apache's httpd.conf and add this lines:

Alias /p4a /usr/share/p4a
<Directory /usr/share/p4a>
 Order allow,deny
 Allow from all

-- Documentation --

You'll find P4A code reference under the "docs" folder.

All other documentation is available within P4A website:

-- P4A compatibility: Server Side --

Apache >= 1.3.0
IIS >= 6.0
php/mod_php >= 5.2.0

-- P4A compatibility: Client Side --

P4A works with all browsers that supports XHTML
and JavaScript.

The default theme instead uses CSS2 and some
more complex Javascript, so here you have the
tested browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox 2.x
- Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x
- Safari 3.x
- Opera 9.25+ (has issues with P4A_DB_Navigator drag&drop)
- Google Chrome

-- P4A compatibility: Database engines --

P4A works with:
- PostgreSQL
- Oracle
- SQLite
- Microsoft SQL Server

To make P4A connect to a database you need PDO extensions
(pdo_mysql, pdo_pgsql, pdo_oci, pdo_sqlite, pdo_mssql).

All connections' charsets are set to UTF-8.

If you're using Microsoft SQL Server beware that only nchar and nvarchar
data type is unicode, thus do not use char and varchar because they're
not UTF-8 safe. 


You can't switch between two application with the same
P4A_APPLICATION_NAME under the same virtual host
without closing the browser.

P4A can't handle database tables with numeric column names.

If you want to add calculated fields coming from a DB query
(such as DISTICT(example_field)) always use parenthesis and never
use the "DISTINCT example_field" syntax.

When creating a complex P4A_DB_Source, do not set an alias on the
primary key.

Oracle's "date" data field is not supported, you should use a char(10).
Within your application simply add:
If you set P4A_Table's width to 100% and anchor it in a frame/fieldset
this won't work cause all frame's cells are floating.

-- Authors --

Fabrizio Balliano <>
Andrea Giardina <>

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